Easy ways to watermark photos

What is a watermark? A watermark is a stamp marker on a photo that indicates that the photo or picture is from you.

The use of watermarks is very important, especially for those of you who like to work through a photo or image. The goal is to keep your photos or pictures safe from the hands of thieves who want to get credit for your work.

Here’s how to easily watermark an image or photo:

  • Download the visual watermark app (for Windows operating system users)
  • Extract and launch the watermark application

(as the application is portable and does not need to be installed, just double click the Visual Watermark.exe file)


1. See screenshot, add photos, select Add pictures / Add folder with subfolder / Only add folder that contains the photos you want to watermark (can be multiple photos at the same time).

2. Click “New Watermark” to enter the image we want to create as a watermark.

When you have entered the picture, then the settings settings,

-Choose the opacity to suit your taste.

-Adjust the position of the watermark image or click “Center Watermark”.

When you’re done, click Apply Changes. All images are automatically watermarked.

3. In the final step, click “Watermark” in the lower left corner.

Your watermark is ready and ready to be published.

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