Easy ways to verify the authenticity of HP Realme for all types

In the past, cell phones were only used as a means of communication like telephone and SMS. With the development of the era, the mobile phone has now changed its name to Smartphones. Besides being a means of communication, Smartphone now has a role as a supporter of the work.

Advanced technology is usually followed by a high price. However, this does not apply to Realme. Realme believes that advanced technology and promising performance don’t have to come at a high price. This puts Realme in 4th place in the top 5 list Smartphone brand in Indonesia, making Realme the fastest growing mobile phone brand in Indonesia.

Having popularity and being loved by the public leads to irresponsible people making counterfeit Realme phones. Buying a Realme phone from a trusted place is nothing to worry about, but buying a second Realme phone over the counter is a different story.

To avoid buying a counterfeit Realme phone, we can verify the authenticity of the Realme phone. How one? First we need to know the IMEI number of the Realme phone and then check the IMEI number on imei.info.


1. There are two ways to check the IMEI number on the Realme phone, from the phone menu and from the settings menu on the Realme phone.

2. To check the Realme mobile phone IMEI number from the phone menu, just open the phone menu on the Realme mobile phone, then press * # 06 #. Then a notification will appear with the IMEI number of your Realme phone.

3. To check the IMEI number from the HP Realme Settings menu, all you have to do is click the menu settings on your Realme phone. Find and select ‘Via mobile or Via phone‘.

Select menu ‘status‘. Information about the IMEI number of the Realme phone is displayed on this page.

4. Done, it’s easy not to check the IMEI number on the Realme phone.

How to verify the authenticity of a Realme phone

1. Open any browser application on your computer or Smartphone She. To verify the authenticity of your Realme phone, enter the website address: imei.info

2. Enter the IMEI number of your Realme phone in the column provided. Tick ​​the check mark I am not a robot. Then click the button check. If you can immediately see information about the Realme phone, it means that the Realme phone is a genuine product. But when a notification appears not found, then the Realme cell phone is fake and not registered with the Ministry of Industry.

3. Done, now you have confirmed the authenticity of your Realme phone. It’s easy, isn’t it?

Hence the explanation of the tutorial ‘Easy Ways to Check the Authenticity of HP Realme in All Types’. Much luck.

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