Easy ways to unsubscribe from apps in the Google Play Store

For users Smartphone Android needs to be familiar with an application called the Play Store. An application that provides many types of applications, Games, and free books. This is only possible with a data contingent and WiFi download Applications as well Games whatever you want, for free. However, for some professional application developers, quite a few sell their applications at different prices because the applications they create have certain additional features. So that this function is very useful for you users.

Perhaps you are one of those users who frequently subscribe to these applications? However, quite a few users who have subscribed often lose a certain amount of credit. This can also be caused by an application subscription transaction or Games in the Play Store. Then how can you stop it?

Take a look at the steps:

1. open minded use Google Play Store. Then tap Stripes three in the upper left corner and Search subscription from the available options menu.

2. After opening, you will see a list or several applications to which you have previously agreed to subscribe. Tap symbol use that you subscribe to. Then select Cancel Subscription.

Remarks: As long as this subscription application is active, your mobile phone credit will automatically be debited by a certain amount after a certain distance, because when you first select the payment method, quite a few use the service via the mobile phone number you are using.

3. In the next step, you will then be asked to select a reason for logging out from several available options. You choose the reason then click next and End subscription.


This is a tutorial on how to easily log out / Subscriptions Apps in the Google Play Store. Hope it’s useful.

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