Easy ways to turn off Safe Search on Google

Safe search is a new feature that Google implemented Search engine She. Specialty Safe search Google itself is supposed to limit negative internet usage. Secure Safe search This is an innovative feature implemented by Google as it automatically prevents users from accessing negative content on the internet.

Functions Safe search It doesn’t just remove negative content. Since there is also a lot of content that we need and that has nothing to do with negative content, it also disappears in Google search. But you don’t have to worry because the features Safe search Google itself can be disabled or disabled. So you can access the content you need, but it has been removed by Google. Curious how?

Here’s an easy way to turn it off Safe search on google.


1. You open the Google.com website on Android or PC / laptop.

2. For PC / Laptop on the Google.com website, select the text in the lower right corner selection, then choose Search settings.

3. Then a new page will appear in the section Safe search, you remove the check mark Activate SafeSearch.

4. Then scroll down, choose Save on computer.

5. On your PC, go to Google.com again.

6. For Android, you can do this by opening the Google application on your Android.

7. Select the menu More, then settings.

8. A new menu appears, you choose Accounts and privacy.

9. On the menu Accounts and privacy, click Safe search filter until the tick is gone.

10. On your Android, go to Google.com again.

Isn’t it easy to turn off SafeSearch on Google? But remember, don’t use this method to access negative content and use it to access useful content.

Remarks: If the above method fails, To install VPN to deactivate / switch off Safe search on google.

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That’s a simple guide on how to turn it off Safe search on google.

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