Easy ways to turn off AutoPlay videos in the Google Play Store

Google Play Store is Google’s app store that has many applications that Android users can download and use. There are many applications in the Play Store itself, ranging from free to paid.

Just like other Google apps that get updates, the Play Store gets updates too Update or updates from google. In September 2022, Google also added a new function to the Play Store, namely the AutoPlay video function.

You can find the AutoPlay function in the Play Store itself or see the section Play spotlights, Games you might like, and suggested for you. However, the feature that has just been embedded by Google has met with a lot of criticism from users.

The reasons are certainly many, but the strongest reason is that AutoPlay causes users to run out of internet quota. However, it turns out that Google has also provided a deactivation option.

The option to disable the autoplay video feature is only available for Play Store version 17.9.17. So check your Play Store version first. Once you’ve verified this, here are instructions on how to turn off AutoPlay videos on the Google Play Store.


1. Please open the installed Play Store in Smartphone She.

2. Tap the three horizontal lines in the upper left corner.

3. Tap Settings.

4. Tap Video Autoplay.

5. Select Don’t play videos automatically, then tap Done.

6. Done.

Besides wasting internet quotas owned by users, the AutoPlay feature can sometimes also waste users’ time. The AutoPlay function in the Play Store itself has been available since last December. However, availability in December is still limited or not yet rolled out worldwide.

This is a guide on how to turn off AutoPlay videos on the Google Play Store. Hope it’s useful.

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