Easy ways to translate Word documents

Microsoft Word users not only are Indonesia, many other countries are using this application like England, America, Korea, Japan, Thailand and others, yes because the average operating system they are using, if not macOS, means Windows, and indeed that Windows Operating System is the operating system with the most users in the world and if you are using a Windows operating system you will typically need Microsoft Office applications installed (Ms Word, Ms Excel, Ms Power Point, etc.).

Due to the large number of Microsoft Word users, you can find a lot of documents that you can download for free if the author is not from Indonesia, for example English, which means the words they use must use English, but what is if you cannot speak English and are you sure you want to read the contents of the Microsoft Word document? You might think you want to use google translate, but in fact, using google translate will convert all text, objects and others into the form Originally and the document becomes more messy.

There is another alternative that you can use if you want to change the content of the document language in Microsoft Word, which is by using the service provided by Microsoft Word itself. Here is a tutorial.


1. You open your Microsoft Word application.

2. Then you enter the words in English or you import Documents in English that you have.

3. Then you click on Tab menu review and you click the button Translate and you choose the 2 options of the translation menu.

  • Translate selection: Translate the selected text.
  • Translate documents: Translate the entire text of the document.

4. Then a new display appears on the right side of the application, you set the language before and after and if the language appeared afterwards, click on the button insertion to insert it into your document (change the previous text to the new language).

5. Done.

This is a simple guide Translate Word documents. Much luck.

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