Easy ways to transfer DANA credit to OVO

Not sure how to transfer your DANA credit to OVO? This time I will explain how you can easily transfer DANA credits to OVO.

There is a ton of e-money out there that we typically know about these days, including DANA and OVO. The most important requirement for the transfer of your DANA credit is the verification of your DANA account so that you can make the transfer.


1. Open the DANA application, then click Send.

2. Click on Send to bank account.

3. Click on Send to bank account again.

4. A Bank name, Type National Bank of Nobu, then the bank appears. Then next account number Enter numbers 9 followed by the mobile number registered in your OVO account, for example 908122828282. For Alias please fill in as you wish, also useful if you want to transfer your DANA credit back at a later date.

5. When everything is filled in, click on Add a new bank.

6. Enter the amount of money you want to transfer, at least 50,000 rupiah, then click Next.

7. If you want to make a note, click Write notes.

8. Next click Sending funds.

9. If the number you provided is correct, click Confirm.

10. Next, enter your DANA PIN.

11. If successful, proof of your DANA credit transfer will be displayed.

12. To check that your DANA credit has been transferred successfully, you can open your OVO application and then check the history to see if there is any additional credit, as shown below.

The advantage of transferring from DANA is that we receive 10x free transfer fees every month. DANA’s minimum transfer limit is 50,000 rupiah.

This is the tutorial for Easy Ways to Transfer of Funds Balance to OVO, hopefully it will be useful.

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