Easy ways to take long screenshots on a PC / laptop

Screenshot is a process of taking /captured all information on the screen image on the HP / PC, and the result of a screenshot is an image. Screenshots are often used, especially for content writers or students looking for book resources on-line As they do their chores, today’s kids also take lots of screenshots to upload on social media.

Screenshots are very helpful when you can summarize all the information in one complete picture. Because often pages website has a size larger than the computer screen so we have to do scroll up to luxury. Hence, there is a way to take long screenshots, especially on a PC / laptop

Here is a tutorial on how to take a long screenshot on a Windows PC / laptop. Linux and MacOS:


1. Make sure that your PC / laptop is switched onTo install Mozilla Firefox

2. Open the main page of the Mozilla Firefox browser – Click on the icon top right.

3. Click Next Add-ons (Ctrl + Shift + A)

4. Click on Extensions – Type keywords In search”Full screen shot of the website”- select and click Fire shot

Download add-ons Full website screenshots

5. Next to add add-ons – click on + Add to Firefox – It will be automatically installed on your Firefox and an icon will appear at the top.


6. Click the icon Screenshots above – select Capture entire page – Save as image / Save as PDF

7. Here are the results of using a long screenshot Add-ons

Much luck. This is an easy way to take long screenshots on a Windows, Linux or Mac OS PC / laptop.

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