Easy Ways to Show Android Screen on PC Using Vysor

Currently, many applications for viewing the screen Smartphone Android on a PC or laptop, one of which is an application called Vysor. Vysor makes it easy for you to control and view your Android screen on your PC / laptop.

Most of the applications that will help show the Android screen on a PC are not perfect and heavy. The advantage of using the Vysor application with the others is that it can support gaming Games, open the app Chat, watch the video and you can take too ScreenshotsDirect Android screen from PC. Here is an easy way to view the Android screen on a PC or laptop.


1. Download Vysor app in the Play Store.

2. Activate next USB debugging by Open settings – Go to Via phoneTap several times Build number until a notification appears that Developer options has been activated.

3. Back to settings and choose Developer options – Provide a checklist USB debugging.

4. Download and install software Vysor on PC or laptop (Windows, Linux and Mac). You can also install it via Add-ons Chrome.

4. If it is installed, run it software Vysor on a laptop and then connect your Android to a PC or laptop using a USB cable.

6. After connecting, select Menu view At software Vysors.

Wait a moment, later your PC or laptop will show your Android screen.

Sample results for Android screen on PC with Vysor:

You can also play Android games remotely from a PC or laptop.

and can also use Vysor to open chat applications on a PC or laptop.

Complete. This is an easy way to get the Android screen on a PC using Vysor.

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