Easy ways to scan documents with Android phones

Everyone just needs to know Google Drive as a place to store data. Even if we can use Google Drive to copy or scan Images and also the writings in the book will be digital files. Don’t believe Here is how.

Currently the activity of scanning documents or what we usually call it to scan Documents have become a daily routine. For men-scan for a document, of course, we need a tool that is scanner. Fortunately, we don’t really need it these days scanner.

We can use the sophistication of the camera Smartphone for men-scan document. Naturally supported by an application from Google, namely Google Drive. Google Drive, by the way, an application for storing data based on cloud It turns out we can use this for different needs too, such as: to scan document. This is of course very useful if we want toscan everything and everywhere.

Here is how scan Documents, ID cards, diplomas and others with an Android phone.

Video tutorials:


1. Open the Google Drive application in Smartphone She. then Tap the plus symbol that’s in the lower right corner.

2. Tap the icon Camera or scan, and then point the camera at the part or content of the book or document that you want to view scan and if you have Tap stud Clasp.

3. If it doesn’t feel right, you can select the menu harvest then all you have to do at the top is align the lines Point this is on every page and adapts to the content of the book you want to copy.

4. If it is enough Tap Then check wait for the process Upload Files a moment ago.

5. Open the downloaded fileUpload then Tap 3 dots in the upper right corner use the menu Download to save the file Smartphone Copy it or link to copy shortcut Documents and share them with people around you.

This is a simple guide scan Documents with an Android phone. Hope it’s useful.

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