Easy ways to resize pictures on Android

Downloading pictures from Google or taking your own pictures with a camera and then posting them on social media, on your own blog or for other purposes is commonplace in this millennium. To post pictures on social media, people may prefer their own personal photos and take them more often. However, those who want to display images on their own blogs or in their fonts prefer to download images from Google (instantly).

As we know, the picture itself has certain sizes depending on the quality of the picture itself. This may not be a problem for people looking to post pictures on social media. However, for those who want to view their own articles or write on certain websites, problems with the size of the photo may arise.

Images with sizes that still hold KB position may not have problems installing. However, if the image to be installed is over 1MB, you will face several obstacles.

To overcome this, the author will take this opportunity to publish a tutorial on how to resize images as desired. Here is the explanation.


1. Download Photo Compress app in the Google Play Store.

Compress image size, shrink image size is easy

Here the author uses the application Photo compression. Why? The main reason is that its size is quite small, which is only around 1.7MB. Although small, there are several features that can aid the process of compressing the image size.

2. Open the app Compress photo.

3. Select an option to capture an image that will be compressed in size. If you want to take it from the cell phone gallery, you can choose an option gallery. If you want to capture directly from the results of capturing images, you can select an option camera. This time the author will take a picture from the gallery.

Easy tutorial on resizing images

4. If you want to reduce the size of the photo, you can choose the option. to press compress like this.

Easy way to change the image size

Then select one of the 3 file size types you want. Here the author chooses the type of size Medium files.

Compress photo size, change image size

In this case, press the option compress.

5. Then, if you want to change the image size (height and length), you can select options change size.

Then choose an option like the following example.

After that, you can choose an option Size presets like the following picture. For example, the author wants to change it to a size of 1024 × 768. note: If you want to switch to a different size, you can type the number you want in the column broad and height.

If so, select the option change size.

If you want to see the results of the image before saving, you can choose as shown in the figure below.

6. After everything is done, you can exit and save the compressed image by selecting the option exit or replace and quit on the lower option.

This is a tutorial on how to easily resize pictures on Android. Hope it’s useful.

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