Easy Ways to Remove Red Lines in Microsoft Word

All PC or laptop users must be familiar with Microsoft Office. A program that facilitates work and tasks whether it’s about writing, calculating or for presentations.

One of those offered by Microsoft Office is Microsoft Word. Even though there’s a lot alternative to Microsoft Word, this program is still needed by many people.

But unfortunately, when we write in Microsoft Word, sometimes a red line appears. Some people find it annoying.

Well, this time Smart Tips will provide a tutorial on how to remove red lines in Microsoft Word. Read this article to the end!

How to Remove Red Lines in Microsoft Word

Before we start the tutorial, it helps you to know why in your writing in Microsoft Word there is a red line in every word you write.

If you often see there are red lines in every word you write in Microsoft Word, it means mode Chek Spellling is active.

Chek Spellling This is useful for checking the spelling of every word you write and depending on what language you choose.

Generally this feature will be more sensitive to check the spelling of English. although other languages ​​if possible by using this feature.

The main function of this feature is actually to avoid typos that often occur when typing.

After knowing why your Microsoft Word has a red line. Now it’s time to start the tutorial. Follow the steps yes!

  • First, please block all your posts or with (Ctrl+A).

Block all your posts

  • After all text is blocked, click menu Language at the bottom right and make sure the menu Language is checked.

right click the language menu then make sure the language is checked

  • Then back to the menu Language and click the Language menu.

go back to the language menu then click

  • Then a pop-up menu will appear. Please tick Do not spelling check or grammar.

click do not check spelling or grammar

  • Finally all the red lines in your text are gone.

Finally all your writings no longer have red lines

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Well, that’s it guys tutorial from TipsPintar on how to remove red lines in your writing. It’s easy? Write in the comments column yes!

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