Easy ways to recognize song titles from the voice

Have you ever liked the music that was on the radio or television but didn’t know the singer or the title of the song? Now you can easily find them with the Shazam app.

Shazam is one of the most popular apps in the world and is used by millions of people every month to find out what music is playing and what other people have discovered. And of course for free!

What are the functions of Shazam?

  • Identify music with you Tap
  • View song details and add to Spotify
  • View lyrics and watch videos
  • Show song recommendations by preference
  • View song rankings in different parts of the world
  • Look at the songsshazam from friends by connecting our Facebook account
  • Follow artists and see selected songsshazam by him
  • Bought songs thatshazam on google play music with a Tap
  • Shazam offline: We can identify music even if it is not connected to the internet! (The song title appears in the tab “My shazam“When the connection is established)
  • Visual recognition of Shazam : We can easily find out information from posters, magazines, books and others with Shazam’s camera logo (new feature!)


1. To install Shazam application according to your operating system.

Download Shazam (Android)

Download Shazam (IOS)

2. Run the application Tap Shazam logo.

3. Join the sound of the music being played to find out the title of the song.

4th Voila! The song title and singer are displayed immediately.

5. To see what songs we made shazam can be seen in the menu tabMy shazam“.

6. To view song recommendations based on our music preferences, you can go to the tab menu “Discover“.

7. To see the current song rating, go to the “Diagrams“.

Done and see you next tutorial!

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