Easy ways to protect privacy on Facebook

Facebook always makes it easy for its users to access what they want on their social media, e.g. the confidentiality of our personal data, such as: B. only common friends add the friends to our Facebook account and much more.

For example, one of the conveniences I’ve discussed is finding a Facebook account using an email or cell phone number that is linked to their Facebook account by the owner of the email or cell phone number, which is the Facebook account to find the person we are looking for, or if, for example, a fraud occurs and we only have proof of a cell phone number, we can use this cell phone number to become the owner of a Facebook account and usually 1 account is shown that is definitely with this number.

But apparently this feature is a standard feature used by Facebook. You can disable this feature so that other people cannot find your Facebook account using your email or mobile phone number.


1. You access your Facebook account settings with a PC / laptop for easy management.

2. Then, in the menu options on the left side of the screen, look for a menu with the name privacy, then you click on the text to edit which informs the user E-mail and mobile number like in the picture below.

3. You change the settings on E-mail Will just me like in the picture below then click on the button close.

4. As in the third step, change the settings on the mobile number Will just me and click on the button or text close.

5. Done.

Note: By setting the privacy settings for email and phone number to just me aka only we can see our email and mobile number when we access Youtube. Anyone can not find your Facebook account with your mobile number or email. This method is usually used for people who accidentally reveal their cell phone number or email to the public so that people are curious about the original Facebook account of the owner of the email or cell phone number.

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