Easy Ways to Play PS2 Games on Android Without Root

Playstation 2 or PS2 is a Game console which was very popular in the early 2000s. Game console it was launched by Sony computer. So far, many people are still playing the Playstation 2. Because almost every game on the PS2 presents an atmosphere that cannot be forgotten. Like the atmosphere of tension when playing Mortal Kombat games or the fun of playing together at PES games.

How many player who no longer has a PS2 console. Also, it’s rare to find PS2 rentals these days. But this is no problem. Because there is already a new, easier way to play PS2 games, namely with Android. Because now there is a PS2 emulator that can play PS2 on Android smoothly.

Because before there were several PS2 emulators for Android. But many of these apps get negative reviews and ratings because of a lot of issues failure that exists.

Curious how to play PS2 smoothly on Android? Of course, when you can play PS2 on Android you get nostalgic about how exciting it was to play games as a kid.

How to play Playstation 2 games on Android.


1. Download First up the PS2 Android emulator, namely DamonPS2 and Bios PS2 and PS2 game ROMs.

2. To install DamonPS2 app.

3. Extract the downloaded PS2 BIOS download.

4. Open the DamonPS2 application and find the Bios you extracted earlier from the Bios menu.

5. Then exit and extract the previously downloaded ROM file.

6. Return to the Damon PS2 application, select the game menu and find the game you extracted earlier.

7. Then choose Free coins and wait for the ads to appear and play the game.

8. Have fun playing PS2 games on Android.

This is the tutorial on how to play Games PS2 on Android without root. Much luck.

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