Easy ways to link fund accounts to Bukalapak

In today’s digital age, every payment is easier than it was in the past. In the past, you had to go through the hassle of carrying a wallet to hold money and make payments, but now all you have to do is carry it Smartphone We can already make payments. Be it electricity payments, installment payments or something else.

trend cashless Right now the taste in the community is growing and growing. We can easily make payments with just one hand.

Startups are currently competing to develop and deliver digital payment services through applications Digital wallet. One of the most popular digital wallets in Indonesia is an application Funds.

What is ‘Fund’?

Funds is an application Digital wallet the digital payment services based on open platform. With the app Funds can make it easier for users to pay, including when shopping online at E-commerce Bukalapak. In order to make payments to Bukalapak via Dana, we must first connect our Dana account to Bukalapak.

Is it safe if our fund account is linked to Bukalapak?

It is safe to be alone now Funds and Bukalapak worked together and worked together. The Bukalapak party itself also has promotions for users who link accounts Funds them to the Bukalapak application. Namely Rp. 5,000 free credit for users who connect accounts Funds via the Bukalapak application.

So how do you link a fund account with Bukalapak?

Well, in this article the author is entitled to a tutorial Easy ways to link fund accounts to Bukalapak. If you are interested, you can check out the tutorial below.


1. Log in or register with a Bukalapak account.

2. After you have successfully opened the Bukalapak front page, select the symbol profile in the upper right corner – then select Account overview.

2. Next, select the menu Bukalapak credit which is on the left side of the page. Wait for the loading process to complete.

3. If so, see the balance you have. There are three types. There is a balance Open wallet, credits, funds.

You type or touch associate in the balance menu Funds.

4. The next step will take you to the page Funds and asked for an account PIN Funds She. You enter your PIN.

5. On the next page you will be asked for an OTP code which will be sent to the number registered in your Dana account. Enter the OTP code.

6. Done. Your Dana account is now linked to Bukalapak.

When you connect your Dana account to Bukalapak using the latest Bukalapak application, you will receive free credit, which is received within approximately 3 × 24 hours.

So many tutorials Easy ways to link fund accounts to Bukalapak. Hope it’s useful.

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