Easy Ways to Join the Crown Championship Challenge from Clash Royale

During the Spring (Spring Season), ONE MILLION Clash Royale players battle strategy for the title The Best Clash Royale Player in the World in their respective countries.

In the Fall (Fall Season) continues to the next level, opens with Crown Championship Challenge in the first Phase of the Season (Fall Season).

What is the Crown Championship Challenge

On August 16-20 2022, Supercell will open a Crown Championship Challenge for all Clashers worldwide online. The Crown Championship Challenge is Phase One (Phase 1) of the 5 Phases below;

Find Out Here How To Join The Clash Royale Crown Championship Challenge

No registration, No hassle, No pay!

So what should you do? you have to get 20x wins without losing 3x (don’t give up yes) . Similar to Grand Challenge (the difference is that this time there are more people waiting in line)

For those of you who are successful, you will get attractive prizes in Clash Royale (in game prizes). In addition, you are entitled to take part in the next Stage of the Crown Championship in your respective country, and have the opportunity to win a total prize pool of more than $1,000,000 USD or equivalent to 13 Billion Rupiah !

The Best Players From Around The World are Waiting For You!

All Clashers wherever you are can take part in this first Season. And at the end of the season, the first place in each country will advance to the World Finals in December.

Find Out Here How To Join The Crown Championship Challenge from Clash Royale

How to Join?

  • Clash Royale account is at least Level 8 (Minimum age 16 years and over, but all ages can still win in-game prizes in the first Phase of the Tournament).
  • The Corwn Chamiponship signature is open from August 16, 2022 to August 20, 2022.
  • If you manage to get 20 Wins in the Challenge, you will get a Message in Clash Royale in the next Phase!


Find Out Here How To Join The Crown Championship Challenge from Clash Royale

Stay tuned for more details on this Season’s Crown Championship… And get ready to be the best in Arena Clash Royale

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