Easy Ways to Install the Reaction Button Widget on Blogger

Reaction button or The reaction key is a function that a reaction with Emoticons Reactions like laughter, sadness, anger and others. Response button widget This is widely used on large websites and popular bloggers.

Not only is this widget useful for enhancing the look and feel of your blog, but it is also used to grab the attention of visitors to make them feel at home on your website. This is of course very useful for lowering the car Bounce rate your website.

In this article, the author will provide a short tutorial Easy way to install widget Reaction buttons on blogger. If you are interested in an installation Response button widget You can see this in the tutorial below.

How to install the Reaction Button widget

1. Open the Sharethis site

2. Select menu Website tools – reaction buttons.

3. On the next page, select Get reaction buttons.

4. Select next Next.

5. Select the CMS to be installed Response button widget. Since this tutorial is about bloggers, choose the HTML and click Next.

6. On the last page. Please create an account, if you already have one, you can log in directly – select Get the code.

7. When you have the code, copy and paste any existing codes into the editor first.

8. Sign in to the account Blogger Themes HTML Edit

9. Copy and paste the JavaScript code above just before the code .

Remarks: If you encounter an error saving, parse the code on the Blogcrowds.com website first.

10. Finally, enter the calling code below and paste it after the code . It’s at the end of the blog post – done. Save topic.

Remarks: If code more than one then choose the last one.

Here is the view Response button widget installed on Blogger.

Ad reaction buttons

So many tutorials easy installation Response button widget on blogger that the author shared with you. If you have any questions about this item, please feel free to leave a comment below. Hope it’s useful.

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