Easy ways to flash Xiaomi Mi4i

flash is a term for the Android operating system reinstallation activity for Xiaomi users who may encounter an error Boots or Boot loop after tinkering device Its android because of the system Error then I cannot log in again homeland only put on the logo Welcome Screen. You don’t have to worry because your Xiaomi will be able to work normally again and reinstallation is very easy too.

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The solution to fixing it so it can get back to normal is to do it flashing /Reinstall. here is a tutorial on how flash / install Reset to Xiaomi Mi4i:

1. Download Xiaomi firmware, MiPhone tools and computer USB drivers.

2. To install Miphone tools and USB drivers on the computer.

3. Afterwards To install Miphone, open Windows Explorer go to the folder C: Program Files Xiaomi MiPhone

then start the program MiFlash.exe.

Easy ways to flash Xiaomi Mi4i

4. Choose Progressive in the next menu Search …

Easy ways to flash Xiaomi Mi4i 1

5. In the Advanced menu FastBoot script then Search .. and select file flash_all_except_storage.bat in the folder where you saved the installed firmware Extract.

Easy ways to flash Xiaomi Mi4i 2

6. Connect your Xiaomi to the computer using a USB cable, then select Menu Update to recognize your Android and lightning begin.

Easy ways to flash Xiaomi Mi4i 3

7. Wait for the process to complete and view the status The process was completed successfully.

Easy ways to flash Xiaomi Mi4i 4

Your Android will start anew automatically.

Note: When there is a message The system can not find the stated file. (0x80070002) You’re welcome rename Firmware folder and folder name are not used place and run the file MiFlashClean.cmd in the folder C: Program Files Xiaomi MiPhone. Please try again.

Download Miphone

Download the Xiaomi Mi4i v7.3.1.0 stable version firmware

Download USB driver

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