Easy ways to find out the weather for all of Indonesia on Android

When the weather is good, all activities run smoothly. This has a huge impact on those who have hobbies or jobs that involve outdoor activities. Workers such as tour operators, tour guides, online transport providers and the like are heavily dependent on the weather conditions in an area.

Some workplaces are heavily influenced by weather conditions. In bad weather, their income usually falls. Professions like “travel Guide“And tour operators will get into trouble if customers don’t enjoy the trip as expected. The service will decrease in bad weather. By knowing the weather forecast updates, they can anticipate what to do when bad weather comes.

Information on earthquakes and weather can be found on the BMKG website. On the other hand, BMKG has also launched an application that can be easily used and accessed via our Android. With this application we can easily get information and get notifications of updates on natural disasters and the latest weather. This application also provides regional weather updates across Indonesia. In this article, the author will explain how to use the BMKG application to find out the weather for any region across Indonesia.


1. Download BMKG application in the Play Store.

2. Open the app BMKG on your Android device.

3. Click on Triple stripe icon at the top left of the BMKG homepage and select an option Weather.

4. Next, choose Province and City that you want to see.

5. This application displays today’s weather forecast from morning, afternoon, evening and early morning. You will also find the weather forecast for tomorrow and the day after tomorrow.

6. Done.

How to find out the weather for every region across Indonesia with the BMKG application. Hope it’s useful.

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