Easy Ways to Face Swap Videos on Android

Of course, for those of you who have been using social media a lot lately, you often see short video clips from Hollywood artists, but their faces are like other people. You have to wonder how to do it. Well, it turns out that the video can be made on Android without any problems. How it goes?

Video content

Right now, the social media phenomenon has shot up like mushrooms in society. So far, social media seems to be able to change trends and lifestyles of people in general. Just posting pictures or videos can influence many people to do something. Video content is indeed preferred, so it is not surprising that many use video as an advertising medium and for other interests.

Teenagers use social media very often. And today’s teenagers love creating video content. Make videos as creative as possible and gain lots of followers and gain popularity. Recently, the social media world has been busy with video content that uses videos from artists in movies but uses other people’s faces. How do you do it?

What is Reface?

It turns out that there is an app that can be used to make face swap videos. The application is Reface. Previously named Double cat that can do Face swap in the video very good can even be described as almost perfect.

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The AI ​​features in it are no joke either, this application uses an algorithm machine To learn the hot “deep fake“. This Reface application was developed 4 years ago and downloaded by millions of Android and iOS users. Would you like to try this Reface application? Here is the tutorial.

Video tutorials


1. To start the tutorial, download and download itTo install Reface application first.

2. After installing the Reface applicationTo install open and review any existing agreements, then Tap Keep going. Next, you need to take a photo of the face, aiming the face at the oval circle that will appear on the screen Tap stud Clasp.

Easy ways to change faces in videos

3. If you have just selected the short videos provided in the Reface application, wait for the editing to finish, then save to the gallery Smartphone Tap Save to gallery.

Easy Ways to Face Swap Videos on Android

4. You can also be menTo deceive face from gif like Tap symbol and then find the gif image you want to use later Tap Reface.

Easy ways to change faces in videos

5. You can add and delete face data in the profile menu, you can also add a face picture from the gallery.

Easy ways to change faces in videos


In this Reface application we can not only do face To deceive easy, but also a lot available templates gif images that we can use. And for those of you who want to eliminate Watermark and get professional features that you can subscribe to for the Reface application.

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