Easy Ways to Download Youtube Video Subtitles

We often download videos Youtube for learning purposes or watch it live offline. When we download a video whose singing uses a foreign language (e.g. English), we will sometimes have difficulty understanding the intent and conversation in the video.

There are various functions and aids to solve these problems from subtitle until voice recognition. on subtitle, Youtube has provided the CC function (subtitle). Both content creators and viewers can contribute to CC to make it easier for viewers to understand the content within.

In general, we want to do video downloads a lot subtitle not included. This happens because both content (video and video) subtitle) No embedded or merged, so they need to be viewed or downloaded separately.

In this article, the author will give you an easy way to go Download subtitles Youtube videos.

Remarks: This method can be used on all devices such as Windows, Mac, Android, and iPhone.


1st visit website below Later we will be asked for input in the column provided for this purpose (at the top of the page) shortcut we will download the video subtitle-his.

2. Enter shortcut Youtube videos you want Download subtitlesthen click in the field provided Download.

3. Later we will be given different language variants subtitle, based on the CC version and the translated version of CC. Choose according to your needs and then click Download on language subtitle what is desired.

This is a simple guide Download subtitles Youtube videos. Hope it’s useful.

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