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image Thumbnails YouTube is a thumbnail that represents most of the video’s content, or an image that explains what the video is supposed to convey to the viewer.

image Thumbnails can also bring viewersbecause the better the picture is taken, the more curious it becomes. Also pictures Thumbnails can or is also often used to make Clickbaitthat is, creating redundant images whose sole purpose is to seek viewers or just the audience.

When browsing videos on YouTube, we are sometimes curious about pictures Thumbnails secure. In fact, sometimes we want to download images Thumbnails This is because it is very well designed.

Can you then download the picture? Thumbnails? The answer is yes, and this is how you can download images Thumbnails.

Remarks: This method can also be used in Smartphone Android and iPhone.


1. Open a web browser and open the Youtube video you want Download thumbnailsyou and Copy link these videos. (On Smartphone, open the Youtube app, then open the Youtube video tap Share and Copy link).

2. Rc_e1ZgWreM is the VideoID, enter the following link in the web browser http://img.youtube.com/vi/VideoID/maxresdefault.jpg and change the VideoID according to the VideoID copied earlier.

Example: http://img.youtube.com/vi/Rc_e1ZgWreM/maxresdefault.jpg

Right click, save image as – to save. (On Smartphone, long press on the photo and Tap stud Save on computer).

3. That is more or less the result.

This is a simple guide download image Thumbnails Youtube. Hope it’s useful.

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