Easy Ways to Download Other People’s Facebook Photo Albums

Facebook was a very famous social medium in its day, although Facebook’s popularity has declined due to several new social media such as Instagram and Youtube, but Facebook users are still quite a few and it could be said that Facebook is rising again and the most popular social Becoming a medium will be the media of the future. .

Every picture you upload to Facebook is automatically saved in your Facebook account album. If at any point you want to download all the albums that are on your Facebook account or on someone else’s Facebook account / page, you will not be able to find it in Facebook settings as Facebook does not offer such a feature, but you can use third party party apps / extensions like in the tutorials below.


1. Install the Google Chrome extension first DownAlbum

2. You click the button Add to Chrome.

3. When a notification appears, click the button Add extensions.

4. Then open your Facebook account / page and click on the section Photo album.

5. Then you click symbol renewal DownAlbum and click the button Normal.

6. Then a notification appears, you click on the button OK.

7. Wait for the download process.

8. When the download is complete, Google Chrome will open automatically tab New.

9. An tab new, you keep pressing keyboard she Ctrl + S.

10. Then look for an empty folder to save your Facebook album results.

11. When the download is complete, open the folder where you saved the previously downloaded file. There is a collection of photos in the desired account album / on the Facebook page.

12. Done.

Note: The above step will download all of the albums in your Facebook account / page. If you only want to download a few albums, click the album you want and go to step 5.

This is a simple guide download Other people’s Facebook photo albums. Hope it’s useful.

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