Easy ways to download files with torrent on Android

Torrent or .torrent is a type of file extension that many people use as a bridge to downloading certain files. Typically, torrent file sizes are only in the kilobits range and contain various file information you might want download. Such as the file size, number of files and where the file should be download.

Most people who download large files prefer to use torrent. Since you can download files over a long period of time, it can even take months without any fear Error.

However for download Dislike files with torrent download files usually. Because torrents use the system Peer to peer. Where to find the files in torrent in multiple files Seed drills (the person who shared the torrent file) who can be download through the crowd. How then download Files with torrent on Android?

Here is how download Files with torrent on Android.


1. Download client Torrent for Android is uTorrent in the Play Store.

2. To install uTorrent application on your Android.

3. Open the uTorrent application and then select the icon seek rightmost.

4. Then enter the file you want to find, and then select seek.

5. You will automatically switch to the standard Android browser.

6. Open one of the sites and Copy magnetic link provided.

7. Return to the uTorrent application, then select the three dots on the far right and select Add torrent url.

8th. Paste the link Torrents on Copy earlier, and click Add to.

9. Wait for the process to complete download File is ready.

10. Another way to do this download File using torrent is to visit the site that provides torrent files, such as the following:

  • https://1337x.to/
  • https://beatpb.club/
  • https://www.seedpeer.me/home

method downloadit’s the same as using it Menu search Torrents above. It’s not easy for download files with torrents?

So are the instructions download files with torrents on Android. Much luck.

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