Easy ways to detect phishing emails

Phishing is a crime that is frequently witnessed by internet users. This crime works by making the victim Sign up to a fake page. And if the victim has Sign up, para hacker will exploit.

The winnings taken usually demand a ransom to take over the victim’s account. Phishing not only by cheating by fake pages, the methods they use are also getting wider, including by Phishing email.

Working methods Phishing email more or less the same, namely instruct the victim to assign Sign up to a fake page. How it works, however Phishing email slightly different, where the victim is tricked with something important, like E-mail Cooperation that enables them to shortcut which is given.

Be aware of the danger Phishing email, Google has provided guidance on how to detect it Phishing email. And here is the guide.


1. Open Phishing quiz. This tutorial is a quiz and you are expected to answer it.

2. Click on take the quiz, then enter your name and email address (it can be real or fake) and click getting started.

3. Please answer the first question by selecting Phishing or legit.

4. If the answer is correct, the word appears Correctly, and if appears wrong This is actually a phishing email. Then please click show me to see the reasons and continue the quiz.

5. There are a total of 8 questions for you to answer and when you are done it will show the total score.

By answering all of the questions from Phishing quiz, you have to be able to tell which ones Phishing email and which ones don’t.

This is a tutorial on how to easily spot it Phishing email. Hope it’s useful.

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