Easy ways to delete multiple contacts on iPhone at the same time

Talking about contacts on iPhone, adding and deleting contacts is an activity we usually do on iPhone. Contacts are important on iPhone too, considering that contacts have so many functions. On the other hand, we not only keep in touch with family, friends or relatives, but can also easily contact business partners and others.

Over time, the contacts application content will become erratic with the contacts you have saved and you will definitely feel uncomfortable and may have difficulty finding the contact you want to contact. Hence, you want to delete some contacts that are no longer used by that person or that you no longer need.

But have you ever felt confused or worried when trying to delete multiple contacts on your iPhone at once? So far, this feature is not available on the iPhone and it seems that Apple is not providing this feature on the iPhone for some reason.

How to Delete Multiple Contacts on iPhone at One Time.

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Easy Ways to Delete Multiple Contacts on iPhone at One Time

1. Download the app Intelligent merging in Appstore

2. Open the app Smart merge – tap GETTING STARTED – on the menu SIGN IN Tap Skip.

3. Tap Access contacts – Tap Ok next – to the Safe contacts as you want, want Fuse or Skip.

4. Sign in All contacts – tap and press and hold to highlight some contacts you want to delete.

S.next Tap Trash icon. Then choose Delete.


It is that easy to delete multiple contacts on iPhone at the same time. Hope it’s useful.

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