Easy Ways To Delete Junk Files On Android

Installing and uninstalling applications seems like an everyday thing and is done almost every day for users Smartphone Android. But did you know that applications that have been deleted or uninstalled sometimes still leave traces in the form of empty folders.

This of course affects the performance of Smartphone us and make storage space tight. For that, this time there are a few tips for you on how to delete the empty folder used by the application. The number of free apps, be it games or productivity on the Play Store, seems maddened to keep trying every new app.

and to-uninstall unused old apps. However, there is a problem, if we delete the application in use, not all data from the application is also deleted. Usually she is left Cache and empty folders.

Delete empty folders left over from applications in use uninstall There are things that need to be done that are very useful in helping the performance of the smartphones that we have. However, manually deleting and searching for empty folders is not an easy thing, so we need a little trick to make it easier for us to delete empty folders.


The first step, download and To install First the SD Maid application in the Play Store.

Download the SD Maid application

In the second step, open the downloaded SD Maid application download and Tap Scan.

The third step is displayed Pop up Hiring notification, Tap Select NEXT and then ALLOW ACCESS.

fourth step, Tap ALLOW next in public store Tap Colored SD card Orange.

Fifth step, next Tap ALLOW again and the SD Maid app will automatically scan empty folders and unnecessary junk files.

sixth step, Tap Then run now Tap RUN again then the files that are not required are automatically deleted.

Complete. This is an easy and quick way to delete junk files and folders on Android to save storage space.

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