Easy ways to cut and trim videos on Telegram

Although the Telegram application is known as a chat application, in practice the Telegram application continues to surprise its users with various functions and advantages. This is inextricably linked with the role of bots. A bot is nothing more than an artificial intelligence (AI) that runs on the Telegram application without being seen. The telegram application interface is therefore not impaired when used.


The Telegram application has many bots with their respective functions and uses. There are bots that are used to create attendances, create quizzes, create handwritten photos, change faces by continent, and much more.

Cut and trim videos

But among all of the bots in the Telegram application there is one bot that has the features and benefits of cutting and tidying up (cut and trim) Videos you know. Using this bot eliminates the need for users to download video editing applications from the Play Store. But remember in advance that in order to use this bot, the user will need to specify and record the starting time and the ending time of the video that they want to cut and trim.

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1. Define and record the duration of the new prefix to create a new video.

2. First, download the Telegram application from the Play Store and install it on your smartphone. Open the Telegram application, register or log in with your phone number. In the upper right, click the Search icon. Enter bot @The_Trimmer_bot and select the bot named The Trimmer Bot, which has a red scissors icon. Click the bot.

Easy ways to cut and trim video on Telegram

3. Click the start icon to run the bot immediately. Here users can submit video links or search for videos in the device gallery.

Easy ways to cut and trim video on Telegram

4. Find and copy the video link, or find the video in the gallery and click Submit. Wait for the bot to finish downloading the video.

Easy ways to cut and trim video on Telegram

5. Don’t have to wait long, just enter the duration of the new prefix previously recorded in the text area and hit the Submit button. This video has a length of 3 minutes 56 seconds. Next, the initial duration of 1 minute 56 seconds is shortened so that 00:01:56 is written in the text area.

6. Then the bot will show several options for the duration of the trimming (choose the harvest duration), select Enter The Stop Time to get the remaining duration.

Easy ways to cut and trim video on Telegram

7. Finally, all the user has to do is specify the final duration of the video. Watch the video and define a new end point for the duration. Of the remaining 2 minutes, try to trim the last 15 seconds of the video. Then 00:01:45 is written in the text area, click the Send button.

You don’t have to wait long, the bot will immediately send a video view with a pre-edited duration. Done, use the steps as above to cut and trim Videos according to your needs.

Easy ways to cut and trim video on Telegram


There are several types of facilities that can be accessed through the Telegram application. One of them is cutting and trimming videos without having to download video editing applications from the Play Store. That’s all and thank you.

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