Easy ways to create your own wedding invitations online

This year’s growth Internet more advanced, with Internet Mobilization becomes easier and faster. Any human work can easily be helped by Internet So don’t be surprised if it has just shot up like mushrooms website that provides a place to facilitate tech-related work, an example is the creation of posters for public publication on-line or make invitations that you can design yourself at home.

One of the providers website to facilitate the creation of posters or invitations that will be used frequently by users Internet namely Canva, on this website there are different designs that can be used to create posters or invitations so that users don’t have to think about concepts or draft to complicate, just choose draft are available on Canva, users can already create their own posters or invitations. draft Canva owners are included in the Free category, but some are paid so you will need to use a credit card.

Here are the steps to create an invitation in Canva:

1. Go to the website Canva.com in the browser.

2. After you have successfully logged into the website, you need to do the following: account first or Sign up with a Facebook or Gmail account.

3. If you log in, then a display appears home on the screen – Next, select “Create” draft“To start creating the invitation.

4. Next there will be many options draft – Choose the type draft “Invitation card” to create and select an invitation draft according to your requirements.

5. A draft Invitations will have many options layout and choose according to your needs.

6th Next change layout that you’ve selected – just right click on the part you want to change, as in the example below.

7. When you are finished, save the design results on your PC in the available format. Canva offers the format in the form of PDF, JPG and PNG.

8. Here are the results draft Canva invitations and invitations can be sent through social media.

Remarks: In addition to creating invitations, Canva’s website also offers creating Poster, business card, presentation and greeting cards with different designs. Much luck!

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