Easy ways to create surveys on WhatsApp

Have you ever thought about doing opinion poll on whatsapp? Confused and don’t know how to do it opinion poll simple and interesting? Immediately check out the tips below.

Popular chat apps

WhatsApp, when we talk about WhatsApp, you certainly think of an application Chat which is very popular and used by various circles. There are so many activities or activities that are done collectively through WhatsApp chats right now, such as learning, discussions, community and organizational activities.

Still family with Instagram and Facebook, this instant messaging application is very easy to use for all ages indeed. So don’t be surprised if the number of WhatsApp users continues to rise because the application is easy to use.

opinion poll

Sometimes in a group activity we need a name opinion poll or Choose or we can also call surveys. opinion poll this is meant for us to determine something. For example, what to buy or the timing of activities and other issues that require a lot of people’s opinion.

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Although it is popular in the WhatsApp application, there is no poll or poll function opinion poll. In contrast to its brothers, namely Instagram and Facebook, which already have functions opinion poll that. Well what if we want to hold a opinion poll on whatsapp? If you’re curious, just go below to learn how.

Video tutorials


1. You first need an application called. download Voliz.

2. If you already have the best volisTo install in Smartphone then you open the application. When using it for the first time, you will be asked to enter a mobile phone number for the verification process. When you’re done, you go Tap the plus symbol do opinion poll New.

3. Enter a word or phrase opinion poll which you will do later in the space provided Tap menu Add option to add answer options. You can add many options with Tap Add new option. When everything is clear Tap Keep going.

4. You are returned to the home screen. Tap the share icon that exist in opinion poll that you create to send to WhatsApp.

5. To display poll it’s like below, you stay Tap Send my vote after the selection. To view results or Result from opinion poll that we created, you can go back to the Voliz application and Tap Poll active you did. there are detailed results that you can see and everyone who has it tooChoose with menu Voters.


So opinion poll or polls are very useful when used to make decisions about people, as well as in WhatsApp group polls. hopefully useful and if you have any problems check out the video Tutorialsit’s on youtube inwepo.

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