Easy ways to create letterheads on Android phones

Having trouble creating letterhead? Well, inwepo has some tips. You can easily bring it over Smartphone Android. How one? Follow the reviews below.


Even if the letter looks old-fashioned, the name of the agency or company is still often associated with the name of the letter. As a rule, the letter used relates to the interests of the service or the work affairs of a company.

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The letter used is often referred to as an official letter. Official or formal letters usually consist of several parts, one of which is letterhead or letterhead. Next to the title above, we’re going to discuss what stationery is.

What is letterhead?

Letterhead is part of a formal (official) letter that is placed on top. As a rule, important information about the sender and the name of the agency can be found on the letterhead.

Letterhead function

So this letterhead also has a function as the identity of a company. It contains logos, addresses and other important information about a company or agency. Well, if in the past it was possible to write an official letter, one had to use a device Desktop but not anymore. If you are interested, put letterhead over. to create Smartphone try the following steps.

Video tutorials


1. Download and To install First up, the letterhead application from the great app maker.

2. Open the application, if this is your first time using it, you will be asked to select a language. If it’s direct Tap Profile menu.

Easy Ways to Create Letterhead on Android Phone

3. In this menu you can add your full name, the agency name and other important information about your company. Also add your company logo Tap menu Upload.

Easy Ways to Create Letterhead on Android Phone

4. You just have to choose templates Attractive stationery already included in the application. Tap Edit letter to give text to the content of the letter. Use it too crate Color above to change the color gradient templates.

Easy Ways to Create Letterhead on Android Phone

5. When you finish typing the letter, go straight to it Tap Generate letter. Then you Tap download if you think that’s enough

Easy Ways to Create Letterhead on Android Phone

6. To see the results Tap menu Downloads. Then use symbol Letter or post and symbol share above to send the results email.

Easy Ways to Create Letterhead on an Android Phone


For those of you who need to make stationery quickly, the application above will certainly come in very handy. Let alone get through it Smartphone This is more convenient and can be done anywhere.

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