Easy ways to create high quality paintings on Android and iOS

Making a painting is not an easy thing. Especially when we don’t have a talent for painting. But in this modern age you can do anything, even if you just do it TapTap our fingers can produce very interesting pictures. No need for talent or money for the course over now Smartphone We can do paintings like a reliable painter.

Today’s era is very demanding and can be done digitally, especially with the presence of smartphones. Yes immediately Smartphone it really helps our daily activities. Not just in terms of communication and Chat just now Smartphone we can also use it in relation to art, for example in painting.

With the mature technology on smartphones, painting is no longer difficult. Not to mention that we don’t need any painting supplies like canvas, watercolors, etc. either. Well, for those of you who want to paint but don’t have the talent, you can try making pictures out of it Smartphone. It’s easy, just follow the steps below.

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The first step, install the application GoArt Free of charge on Android and iOS (iPhone / iPad) via the Play Store and App Store.

Download the GoArt Android app

Download the GoArt iOS app

In the second step, open the next GoArt application Tap CAMERA to take photos directly with the camera Smartphone or Tap ALBUM to take a photo from the gallery Smartphones.

Third step, Tap Review the photo you took with the camera, and then select Filters or paint effects what is below. Though free, but there are still some locked effects in this application.

The fourth step after selecting the live effect Tap symbol Upload in the top corner. then Tap TO SAVE to save it in your gallery. You can also share it directly on social media.

Complete. So you can easily create a painting by just Smartphone Android and iOS (iPhone / iPad).


When we make paintings we usually do them on paper with various other tools like oil paints and brushes, but now with the development of technological advances it is possible to make paintings through the cell phone, with an application called GoArt, this application can convert originals Convert photos to coloring pictures using the application’s effects. It is also very easy to use by following the steps above.

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