Easy ways to create brochures with Microsoft Word

Brochure is an advertisement that resembles a small folded piece of paper, brochures are usually used by well-known companies to promote their products to consumers, brochures are often found in shopping mall, Shopping and others.

Brochures are usually created with the app Photo editing like Adobe Photoshop, Coreldraw etc. But the use of the application Photo editing has a disadvantage that has to make up zero and the PC or laptop you are using has at least 1 GB of RAM. There is an alternative that allows you to make a simple but very cool brochure by using a pre-made brochure project in the Microsoft Word 2022 application.

The finished brochure project is only available in Microsoft Word 2022, for earlier versions it does not support such functions, below is a tutorial on how to create a brochure with Microsoft Word 2022.

Easy ways to create brochures with Microsoft Word

1. Open the Microsoft Word 2022 application on your PC / laptop.

2. Create a blank sheet.

3. Click on Menu tab Files – New.

4. Then you type brochure in the search field of the application and click on the magnifying glass (seek).

5. Then wait for the search process templates or projectinya, if so, a lot will appear templates or Project ready-to-use brochure as shown in the following figure.

6. Then you choose one templates or projecti what you want and a new window will appear as shown below and you click create use templates or projecti the.

7. Wait for the download process templates or projecti, and you can instantly change all of the text to your liking.


Note: If you. use templates or projecti are ready to use, you cannot change the images already in the template.

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