Easy Ways To Create Bots In Pokemon Go (AutoPlay Games)

Bot is an automatic computer program that automatically executes a command repeatedly. When we create a bot program for a game, the game will run automatically without us having to automatically play it again. manually.

Well, this time the author would like to share something about bots in Pokemon Go, in fact this bot program became widespread about 1 week ago, the author himself actually wanted to share in inwepo for a few days, but the players are sorry for those in It’s hard to level up and look for pokemon while bot users just sit still and suddenly they stepped up and got pokemon with no problem .. haha ​​but the author is giving it back to every player.

pokemon go bot

With the intent to share with Inwepo readers and Pokemon Go players only. Here is the guide:

Warning: this bot definitely has pros and cons, so for those of you who don’t like this tutorial, don’t read or follow it, keep this in mind Games just a game to entertain yourself. Enjoy your game!


Windows operating system desktop (PC / laptop)


1. Download Pokemon Go Bot (Link.) download is at the end of the article).

2. extract the file somewhere in your computer folder.

3. Run the program PokemonGo.RocketAPI.Console.exe and a code will be displayed.

How to create bots in Pokemon Go

4. Open google.com/device Sign up with the Google account you are playing Pokemon Go with.

5. Enter the code, then next and enable.

How to make bots in Pokemon Go 2

6. In PokemonGo.RocketAPI.Console.exe you will then see the Google token code Copy the code,

How to create bots in Pokemon Go 3

method Copy Code in CMD: Right-click the CMD column title bar, then select Edit – mark. Then click and hold highlight / blockcode in the CMD and Enter Copy.

How to create bots in Pokemon Go 4

7. Edit the user.xml file (right click to edit) with Notepad or Notepad ++ and enter the Google token code in the tag code YOUR GOOGLE TOKEN CODE

How to create bots in Pokemon Go 5

Also change the defaultLatitude and DefaultLongitude for the location Agriculture. To make it easier to find the coordinates of latitude and longitude in the form of decimal numbers, you can use the online converter at gps-coordinates.net or latlong.net/convert-address-to-lat-long.html

Examples of Monas location numbers:


Save data, close and run PokemonGo.RocketAPI.Console.exe again. Done waiting for the results, just sit back

pokemon gobot android ios


  • If you want to use a PTC (Pokemon Trainner Club) account, please change the google name in the tag code to ptc.
  • The number of coordinates for the map location that you want to use for the location Agriculture.
  • If you would like to use a PTC (Pokemon Trainner Club) account, please complete Username and password in the code in the code tag and if you are using a google account just ignore it.
  • Pokemon tag code, whether you want to transfer according to the terms or not, please choose cp or leave strong or duplicate or Everyone, otherwise input none.
  • is a Pokemon Tag Code, what is the minimum Pokemon CP limit that is allowed? transferFor example, if you fill in 200, it means that if you get a Pokémon with a CP below 200, it will be automatically activated transfer be exchanged Candy.
  • When the status says Pokemon escaped uninterrupted means your account is locked / soft forbidden Wait 2 to 24 hours and it will go back to normal.

If you encounter an error, force close, try again, or update the Google token. The above tutorial uses the PokeColor bot.

Download Pokemon Go Bot v1 | mirrors

Download Pokemon Go Bot v2 Spegeli

Pokemon Go PokeFast v2

PokemonGo Bot v5 Spegeli

Download PokemonGo Bot Haxton | (The settings are in the file PokemonGo.Haxton.Console.exe.config)

Pokemon Go Bot NecroBot

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