Easy ways to create address barcodes on Google Maps

Maybe you saw Barcodes on a wedding invitation next to the address or next to a map? And maybe some of you are wondering “What is it” or “How do you create a site plan in the form of a Barcodes like this?”.

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But calm down, don’t get confused. Here the author will share the tutorial. only capital Smartphone You can already practice it yourself easily. In addition, you can also create others in the form of barcodes such as SMS, contacts, phone numbers or plain text messages. Let’s look at the steps:

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1. Open the app Google Maps in Smartphone you then make the coordinates of the site plan be made Barcodes by pressing it until it appears Street view a path that you can open with a 360 ° view.

2. Tap Share symbol in the upper corner, then Look for the Copy to Clipboard option.

3. After copying open the Google Chrome app, then open the page the-qrcode-generator.com

4. There are several menu options that you can use. Because what we Copy in the form of shortcut, Select only menu shortcut, then Insert-to the right shortcut that was copied. And don’t forget to clear the street at the beginning of the link that you copy so that if you scan will automatically open shortcut You mean google maps.

5. final phase, Push button to save, then Enter name Files what you want and Press to save Once again.

6. The tutorial ends here. But to prove it, you can use the application Barcodes. Usually Smartphone The latest version comes with a scanner application, but if it’s not available, you can use it on-line without additional applications over QR code link generator that. Good luck.

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