Easy ways to copy protected web content with Android

Always wanted to copy an important article or article on a website but couldn’t? Now you don’t need to worry anymore, here the author gives tips on how to easily copy text on a protected web or how to get over the non-copying and pasting on the web using Smartphone Android.

Copy and paste activities

activity copy and paste or copy paste, of course, has happened often and a lot in today’s internet world. Such things are pretty common, but there are still very few people who realize that plagiarism works that way copy paste It is forbidden and, of course, harmful. Only a handful of people know or cite the source of a link or information from a copied website.

Copypas activities are often viewed as harmful because the author is tired of writing interesting texts, but many people easily copy and distribute without citing the original source. As a result, many website owners protect their web pages so that they cannot be easily copied or protected.

However, in some cases we need to copy content from a web, be it for school work, work, or other assignments. Please note that these tips are not intended to induce many Internet users to plagiarize copy paste Websites, but as learning and possibly also knowledge about the content of a page.


1. The first thing you need is the application to copy text on the screen. Please download it from the Play Store first.

2. If it is normal, open the application and give the application permission to access it. Then reopen the protected website that you want to copy. To take Screenshots of each text you want to copy.

3. Log in to the application again Copy text, then Tap the image icon which is in the lower right corner, then add a photo Screenshots before. Change column English be Indonesian or adapt to the web you copied. When it is all Tap Checklist.

4. Wait a while for the scan to take place. Tap when it appears in the picture Screenshots previously. Then you just clean up textand just copy it as usual.


Just right? The above method has proven successful and makes it easier for anyone who has and has problems copying text on a protected web. In addition to web pages, the above method can also copy text anywhere. The key is to simply take a screenshot using the Copy Text On Screen application.

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