Easy Ways to Convert WEBM Videos to MP4

WebM is an audiovisual media file format, this type of media format is designed to provide an alternative way to use a video in a browser.

In contrast to other audiovisual formats, webm guarantees a media player in the form of HTML or -based media player Browser, unlike other formats like mp4 and avi, which sometimes malfunctions or errors so it has to be run in the appropriate application, but the disadvantage of webm is that its resources are very limited and very few people use the video format .

If you have a video in webm format, the author recommends converting or converting the file format to other formats like mp4, avi, mkv and others. If you want to convert it to another format, here is the tutorial.


1. You open the page convertIO

2. Then decide which format your Webm video should be converted to.

3. When you have set it, click the button from the computer.

4. You choose the video format webm on your computer and click the button open minded.

5. Then the button appears change or Convert and you click the button.

6. Wait for the upload process and the conversion process.

7. If so, a button will appearl download next to the filename webm You, and you click the button to download your latest video file format.

8. Done.

Note: Aside from webm to other formats, the site also allows you to do the opposite, you can even convert video files to audio formats, be it mp3, m4a, wav and others. You can also convert multiple files other than media on the site by first confirming what types of files the site can convert convertIO the.

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