Easy ways to convert speech to text on a PC or laptop

Agree to text is a feature or add-on provided by Google, the function of which is to change any words or conversations heard through the microphone and turn them into text that is almost 99% identical to what we are to say. The short meaning is Agree to text ie convert sound to text.

For your information, I created this article with the feature Agree to text which was made available by Google and of course Agree to text This function can already support the Indonesian language function, almost 100% of all the Indonesian languages ​​contained in the large Indonesian dictionary can be used by users Agree to text This.


1. First, visit the Google Docs website https://docs.google.com and don’t forget to do Sign up with a google account.

2. If you Sign up and have accessed Google Docs, please press tab or the add-ons button above and then click Get Add-ons.

2. Then look for 1 application named “voice recognition“And install the application.

3. Click + FREE to install.

4. Then allow.

5. When the application is installed, please go back to your document and click the Add-ons button or tab Add-ons above then click the Speech Recognition button or option and click Start.

6. Wait a while, when it first open, the language of the add-on is English, then you need to change it to Indonesian.

7. If it has been changed to Indonesian, please press the start button and try to say the words you want.


Remarks :

This application is very dependent on the speed of your internet connection. If your internet connection is slow, it will take a little longer for the text to be displayed. Not all laptops or PC computers already support this function Microphones. Jadi for everyone who doesn’t have it yet microphone please buy a Headset who already has Microphones.

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