Easy Ways to Complete Exam Questions with Socratic on Android

Cell phones are not just a means of remote communication today. But also after developing the technology that makes it possible to have an operating system and the name of a product Smartphone, now the phone can also be used as a tool education, or something that can give its users insight and intelligence in using the features available. Aside from that, Smartphone can also help a lot. Working with an application can almost be made easier for various reasons. Includes a request to complete the exam.

Socratic. Made an app Google that’s one of them. This application can also make it easier for students to complete exam questions or school assignments. Not only that. Using it you will not only get the correct answer but also a specific explanation and solution. So that when you use it, you also gain enlightenment step by step so that you can understand the questions you are asking and add insights.

For the steps, please follow the steps below:

To install use Socratic

2. AfterTo install You open. then Tap stud Sign in to continue keep going. entry E-mail Google which is available.

3. After logging in, you will see several options that you can use to solve exam questions. Camera icon serves to answer questions in the form of. to deliver snap or pictures you took. Microphone icon Function to ask questions in the form of voice commands. and Love symbol or a magnifying glass is used to ask questions in the form of sentences that you type. And make sure you choose the option enable when you use these functions for the first time.

4. To use functions snap, the first one you choose stud Camera icon. Point the camera at a sheet of exam questions you are working on. Draw or drag the question you are aiming at. Thereafter Tap the button walk. Wait a moment for the answer to appear. Or, if you use math problems, multiple answer sources and solutions are provided.

5. additive : some questions you can do including physics, math, calculus, trigonometry, Fiction not fiction and much more. And the processing is still the same. Follow the previous steps.

This is the tutorial. Much luck. Much luck.

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