Easy ways to clone or duplicate Android apps

Previously, we discussed how to clone or duplicate Android applications, but this method was too long and there are even many applications that do not support it. clone or duplicated again. This time, the author wants to easily update the tutorial information clone/ duplicate / duplicate Android apps without root. Here’s how:

1. Download and To install use Clones.

2. Run the app Cloners, select an application or Games that you want to duplicate in the menu INSTALL APPS. The author’s example here wants to duplicate the LINE application.

Easy ways to clone or duplicate Android apps

3. You can change the name in the menu Brand name, Change color symbol use on the menu Change symbol color, Image symbol and much more. If you want to duplicate the application more than 1, change the number in the menu Clone number.

Easy ways to clone or duplicate Android apps 2

4. When you’ve changed everything from the name to the color symbolthen is the final step clone/ Duplicate application by touch symbol blue check mark.

5. Will be seen Pop up Select message OK, then wait for the process clone until done see the message Cloned app.

Easy ways to clone or duplicate Android applications 5

6. To see the results clone is on the menu the CLOSED APKS tab.

Remarks: There are some apps that cannot be downloaded clone. So just try the application you want to duplicate.

And many more chat applications and other applications that can be duplicated.

Complete. Much luck.

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