Easy ways to check the IMEI number of Android smartphones

Recently, in the technology sector, the government’s plan to lock cell phones or cell phones has been made public Smartphone not registered with the Ministry of Industry. This group of cell phones is often referred to as cell phones Black market (BM). One of the ways the government is blocking is to check the IMEI number of existing mobile devices. If not registered, the phone will be locked automatically. This guideline came into force in May and will be implemented in stages.

For mobile device owners and Smartphone challenging, of course you don’t need to worry. Aside from the Department of Industry, which has provided a web address to independently verify IMEI numbers, there is currently an Android-based application that can be used to verify IMEI numbers. Using this application speeds up the verification process without opening a web browser first. This time the author will provide a tutorial on how to verify IMEI number Smartphone with the Android application. The steps for this are as follows:


1. First download the application “Check Legal IMEI of the Ministry of Industry” Google Play Store. When you’re done, click Open.

Download the Ministry of Industry’s Legal IMEI Check application

2. Make sure Smartphone You are connected to the internet, wait a moment. In this case, the IMEI number will be displayed automatically as shown in the picture. Note: for Smartphone those who already have dual SIMs usually have 2 IMEI numbers as shown in the picture. Click button check.

3. Wait a few moments for the test process. The result will look like the picture. If it is registered, it will be “IMEI Registered in the Department of Industry database”. If it is not registered, you will see red text stating that your mobile phone is not registered with the Department of Industry.

This is a simple tutorial on how to check IMEI number Smartphone via the Android app. Hope it’s useful.

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