Easy Ways To Check Or Not To Check Email And Password Leaks

It was revealed a few days ago that up to 91 million Tokopedia user accounts were reportedly leaked and traded on a dark website. Attempts are made to hack data in the form of email addresses, passwords, names and other data. Very dangerous, isn’t it. Then how do you know if your email account and password have been leaked or not?

Avast! Is an antivirus program developed by Alwil Software based in Prague, Czech Republic. Avast! First published May 1988. Avast! It turns out to have some useful features. One of them is the Avast Hack Check feature. By using Avast Hack Check, we can easily find out if our email and password was ever leaked in Tokopedia application account or other applications.

Then it is very easy to find out if your email and password have been leaked or not. All you need to do is follow the steps below.


1. Open a browser on your computer or Smartphone You and enter the address https://www.avast.com/hackcheck.

2. Enter the address E-mail You and click the button ‘Check now‘.

3. It turns out my email and password have been leaked, click the linkPlease check your email to fix this immediately for more information.

4. The exam results will be sent by email. Open email. It turned out that my email address and password were leaked in the Bukalapak account. Click button show details to see more closely when passwords have been leaked.

5. To keep your e-mail and your password safe, click on the “Cancel” button and change the password of your Bukalapak account.

6. Done, isn’t it ?.

Hence the explanation of the tutorial ‘How do you check if your email and password have ever been leaked?’. Much luck.

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