Easy ways to check fraudulent accounts online

The refinement of technology and information has actually brought us into a new, simpler era today. Where we can easily buy and sell online today. However, this convenience leaves many loopholes for fraudsters. Well, this time inwepo will give you tips so that you don’t get scammed when shopping online. As you can find out more below.

Buying and selling goods on the Internet is commonplace these days. In fact, this is not uncommon for many people when the item they want is not yet available or nearby. However, due to the increasing public interest in online shopping, it is used by people who are not responsible for the commission of crimes such as fraud.

In fact, there is also a surefire way for us to avoid the name scam. Namely, buy directly from websites Marketplace whom one trusts.

But if you don’t currently intend to purchase items over Marketplace but want to transfer directly to the seller’s account. Here are a few tips to help you find out or check the accounts of online scammers so we don’t get misled too.

Video tutorials:


1. Open the Chrome browser directly and enter “verify account” in the search field. Then go to the web “cekrekening.id”.

2. Tap 3 dots in the right corner and then choose Desktop Site.

3. Select the bank you are using, enter the account number you want to search for, then enter the Recaptcha code. When it is all Tap Check account. It will show whether the account you are looking for is problematic or not.

Second way

1. Go to kredibel.co.id and enter the account you want to verify in the Account Verification column. If it is already Tap check.

2. A warning message will automatically appear if the account you are looking for is found to be problematic, then you can also view information from the associated account.

This is a guide on how to easily verify a fraudulent online account. Much luck.

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