Easy ways to check campus accreditation online

One of the things that drives potential new students to choose a course or campus of their choice is the accreditation value that the campus or university receives. No wonder so many potential new students prefer to wait 1 year to get the campus they want, but how does it work? Do you know the accreditation of a university? even if not all campus locations include the accreditation value of a major.

The body that has the right to submit an accreditation assessment of a campus is TIRE PT, National accreditation body for higher education (BAN-PT) is the only accreditation body authorized by the Ministry of Education, Research and Technology of the Republic of Indonesia to assess a campus or department in Indonesia, academies, both public and private, have direct controls and limits are set expired of its accreditation status, so that we can only get the accreditation status of a campus from BAN-PT.

An easy way to find out the accreditation status of a campus or university

1. Please visit website official BAN-PT, https://banpt.or.id/direktori/prodi/pencarian_prodi

2. Please select the name of the campus or department you are looking for in the course search.

3. There you will receive from no. SK, accreditation, level, region, etc.

Complete. How to find out the campus / university accreditation easily: on-line.


If the campus you are looking for is not listed on the website TIRE PT, there are several ways that have happened.

1. The SK has a campus or department. not extended

2. The campus or faculty does not have an accreditation value of TIRE PT

3. SK status already expired.

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