Easy ways to check and repair HP Realme components

In the past, cell phones were only used as a means of communication like telephone and SMS. With the development of the era, the mobile phone has now changed its name to Smartphone. Besides being a means of communication, Smartphone now has a role as a supporter of the work.

Advanced technology is usually followed by a high price. However, this does not apply to Realme. Realme believes that advanced technology and promising performance don’t have to come at a high price. This puts Realme in 4th place in the top 5 list Smartphone brand in Indonesia and promises Realme as the fastest growing mobile phone brand in Indonesia.

There are many advanced features in Realme phones that are not found in other cell phones. One of them is the component check function. The purpose of this feature is to identify if there is a problem with your Realme phone, both in software and hardware. To be able to use the component checking function, it is also very easy, you just need to follow a few simple steps below.

1. Go to the menu ‘Tip manager“On your Realme phone.

2. Find and select ‘Component testing‘.

3. To perform the check, choose ‘Recognize now‘.

4. Here you can select which components you want to check. There are several component detections that HP Realme does automatically, while the rest is done manually.

5. When you have finished making your selections, click ‘Start detection‘.

6. Realm HP auto-detection indicator.

7. Click on ‘Okay, from now on‘to start manual detection.

8. Manual detections include screen detection. Has the small circle under the HP picture changed? In this case, choose Change.

9. Determine the screen brightness. Whether the light intensity value changes when you wave in front of the screen. If so, click Change.

10. When all detections have been performed, the detection results will be displayed.

11. Done, right.

This is the explanation of the How to Check HP Realme Components tutorial. Much luck.

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