Easy Ways to Change Youtube Region on Android Phone

In this demanding era, YouTube seems to see an increase in loyal visitors every year. Where Youtube managed to win some TV viewers to switch to the platform founded by Jawed Karim, Chand Hurley and Steve Chen.


In fact, however, YouTube visitors won’t just be satisfied with the content created by the content Creator Indonesian youtube. That’s what ultimately drives some people to replace region your youtube.

It is not uncommon for most people to use a VPN to watch videos from other countries. But now you no longer have to use the VPN feature to change YouTube region. Because youtube has provided a function in this application that allows users to watch videos on youtube according to their needs.

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Youtube regions

The location on YouTube can also be changed or selected according to the wishes of the YouTube users. Youtube provides locations in around 70 countries that can be accessed. whereby the location and the selected language are adapted to the desired country.

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If you change the YouTube region, the trending videos in your application will be changed automatically. If you are one of those who want a new atmosphere and a different spectacle in another country, please follow the tutorial below.


1. Open the YouTube application on your Android phone

2. Then please enter your YouTube application with the registered email address. Please select your account icon in the top right corner

YouTube account icon

3. Then select the Settings menu located on the second from the bottom

Go to the settings menu

4. Then please select the general menu

go to the general menu on youtube firur

5. Next, all you have to do is select the location menu in the YouTube application. Customize the choice of country according to your needs

Go to the location menu in the YouTube function

6. Finally, you can go straight to your YouTube trending list to watch the videos you want.


So this was an easy way to change your YouTube region. The YouTube region can be changed at any time. If you change the YouTube region to another country, you will get video views from other countries on your trending YouTube.

So, you no longer need to use a VPN application to change your YouTube region. Just go to the account menu and you can change YouTube regions and browse videos from other countries.

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