Easy ways to change the keyboard on HP Realme

The author will provide a tutorial on how to easily change the keyboard on a Realme phone. Before doing this, make sure you have installed some keyboards from the results download either through the Play Store, outside parties, or by creating applications custom keyboard alone. This is useful for those of you who want to customize the keyboard by changing the keyboard and testing the results of creating applications custom keyboard even with Android Studio or similar the desire to style with Smartphone Your realme to keep it up to date and so on.


1. Swipe down on the home screen.

2. Tap on the symbol highlighted in red.

3. Press Keyboard.

4. Select the type of keyboard you want.

5. Here are the results. You can test by clicking the application search box on the home screen or by opening an existing application that has the search box. If the replacement or custom keyboard does not work well, you can replace a different or standard keyboard in the same way.


So you can choose the type of keyboard you want in the Smartphone Realme when entering text or giving emoticons as a form of communication (chat), posting / status in social media, saving file notes Smartphone Android and so on. Sometimes you get bored with the display of the standard HP Realme keyboard so you can upgrade it Smartphone Realme by customizing the keyboard to be viewed as current, cool, or other positive words.

This is a tutorial on how to easily change the keyboard on a Realme phone. Much luck.

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