Easy ways to change the background for a photo in Photoshop

Usually people take a passport photo to create an ID card or to apply for a job.

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For this we can do it ourselves with our own photos and the PhotoShop application on the computer. Here is the guide:


1. Prepare the photo you want to edit (Try not to use a photo with a small resolution size as this will damage the image).

2. Open the PhotoShop application, open file. Then select a photo.

3. Next use Polygonal lasso tool for selection / selection on the photo object to be separated Background.

4. For use Polygonal lasso tool, click on the line of the object area of ​​the background photo from the starting point, follow the curve of our photo line neatly to the starting point until it connects and looks like a dotted line as shown below.

6. With the Photo Object Area selected, we’ll refine the Object Area first, select Menu Choose – Modify – Smooth.

7. Then fill in the numbers 1 pixel in the Sample Radios column and click OK.

8. Next, select the menu Choose – Modify – Feather. Then enter the numbers 1 pixel in the Sample Radius column and click OK.

9. Then press the delete key to delete background the photo that we will change the color later.

10. Press the button CTRL + D (Windows operating system) or Command + D (Mac OS) to remove the selection / dashed line. The result looks like the picture below.

11. Next make layers new with a click New shift in the lower right corner, then Drag level only to the lowest position.

Then select menu Paint bucket tools and change the color as you like, then pour the color (click) on layers so color layers changed. Please see the picture below for more details.

So far it has actually been done to replace background photo color.

But if you have the feeling, a little more color will follow background The original is like being pushed around the hair to remove lines of color near the hair. That’s how it’s done:

Change color This function is used to balance all the colors of objects in the photo.

13. Duplicate the object Layer 0 by pressing the key CTRL + J (Windows operating system) or Command + J (Mac OS).

14. In position Layer 0 copy, Select menu Image – Adjustments – Replace Color.

15. Navigate further pipette Tools and click the edges of the hair color and change the color Result be like color background and OK.

The last step is to remove the blue-blue object on the face as we previously removed the color on the edge of the hair with replacement tools and it happens that the color on the edge of the hair is brown like the face, so the face color changes too.

16. Choose a Layer 0 copy, then use Eraser tools and click on the face that turns blue, remove all blue. See the picture below.

Ready to combine everything layers be a way, click on the menu Level above – flatten the image. Then everything works automatically layers becomes 1.

Good luck done.

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