Easy ways to change eye color in photos on Android

Who doesn’t want to look beautiful or attractive? Yes, although it’s normal in real life, a lot of people keep trying to make their photos more attractive on social media. Well this time Inwepo has interesting editing tips, namely changing the eye color. So for those of you who are afraid to use Soft lens have to try Tutorials the following.

Nowadays, many people choose to buy one Smartphone taking into account the quality of the camera and also the resolution it has. So don’t be surprised if producers are at this point Smartphone compete to create Smartphone with a capable camera even at eye level with a DSLR camera.

Apart from the manufacturer, the developer Even Android itself does not want to be trumped by creating supporting applications such as applications photographer and also editing. In fact, not all good photos are produced by good camera quality alone.

Sometimes, with good editing techniques, the resulting photos look interesting too. Speaking of which editing This time, inwepo will give tips on how to quickly change the eye color using Android only. For friends who are curious, just go to Tutorialsit down.

Video tutorials:

1. Make sure that you are mendownload and gaspTo install First, the Eye Color Changer application on the Play Store.

2. Then open the Eye Color Changer application Tap Photo Editor menu. Next, select a photo from the gallery or use the camera Smartphone direct.

3. Align the small circle around the eye area, then fit it to the eyeball.

4. Pull PointPoint which is on each side to fit in the eye. When you have selected the menu Eye color.

5. Select the menu colour and select the eye color you want.

6. Use the menu mixture and put sizeso that the eyes look together. If you think it is enough to save it directly Tap menu Save on computer.

This is a tutorial on how to easily change eye color in photos on Android. Hope it’s useful.

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